Insurance Solutions Customized for VFW Posts

VFW Post Insurance

Are You Paying too Much?

Most VFW Posts renew their insurance polices year after year without ever getting a second opinion. The fact of the matter is, many Posts overpay for coverage. Whether your Post has 500 members or 50 members, its important to have a customized insurance policy that covers the unique needs of your post. We work with more than 30 insurance carriers to provide a wide variety of options in coverage and pricing to VFW Posts.

Insuring Your Post

Your Post is where you reminisce, where you see your friends, where you connect, where you have that special connection.  It’s where you can relate to others that also share in those experiences that only a few of you can relate to.  It’s where you’ve been going for years!

A loss to the Post would bring hardship, in both a financial and emotional terms. You and other members trust that the coverage needed was provided as you renewed year in, year out and seldom with any changes to the Policy.  There wasn’t really any contact from the Agency handing the coverage and now you find yourselves with a huge problem.   Between the financial and social costs a loss can bring to your Post, it is essential to have an insurance policy that is crafted to support a Post when it needs it most.

Why Posts Choose Us


Now more than ever, VFW Posts need to be more aware of their expenses. While some insurers demand a payment in full, we work Posts to create payment plans that best suit their needs. Additionally, we quote insurance coverage with 38 individual companies to ensure your post gets the best price we can provide

Understandable Coverage

Insurance policies are difficult to understand. VFW Posts pay their insurance premiums while not really knowing what they’re getting in return. Each year, we stay in contact with our clients to thoroughly walk through the policy to ensure the Post has coverage where they need it and eliminate what isn’t needed.

Due Diligence

When we meet with a Post to develop an insurance plan we ask detailed questions to ensure we have a deep understanding of the Post and its activities. Some Posts have museum-grade memorabilia while others may have a restaurant-quality kitchen and bar. The point is, every Post is unique and the insurance for the Post should be designed just as uniquely.

Continued Contact

Without a personal relationship, it’s impossible for your insurance partner to know the unique needs of your Post. We maintain an ongoing relationship with the Posts we work with to better understand their insurance needs and to support the Post in any way we can.